Savannah Gold Finger-Fucking

Savannah Gold is always having a great time, even if she is home alone and you would say that she might get bored! But, in fact, she could have the best time ever only by herself, cause she is getting there, to the orgasm, in the shortest time. You are going to see that she will get to please that tight pussy of hers so damn good that she will get to the orgasm in the shortest time ever. Not to mention that her superb boobies are going to be taken care of so damn good! She loves to touch herself, to explore her entire body with her hands and her fingers, touch her massive breasts and pinch her erect nipples with her fingers.

She is going to go down, to touch her firm tummy and even way more down, where she will reach her shaved eager pussy. She adores to run with her fingers through her muffin, rub her clit and shove a couple of fingers into that wet pussy hole. It’s just making her have goose bumps all over her body! She looks damn hot like that, with her legs spread wide open, so enjoy watching her being hot and naughty!


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Busty Savannah Gets Creamed

We are back with another hot Savannah Gold scene for you guys. She just changed her working place and got on her head a mean boss that’s always up her ass. After a few weeks she noticed that he is actually trying to get her, but from the looks of it he didn’t choose the best method to do it. So one day after work he asked Savannah to stay after hours, but this time he asked only her to do that and set the rest of her co workers at home. She was surprised that he was so straight forward in front of everyone, because everyone that works there kind of knew about his crush for her. Savannah continued her work until her boss asked her to take a ride with him to take care of some business. She accepted and of course he stopped in the middle if the road to take a quick break. But something happened in the car, Savannah started to see him in a different way so when he started hitting on her she accepted and it didn’t took her too long to undress and to start sucking off his dick in the middle of nowhere next to the car. It was insane! If you liked this scene you should definitely check out updates as well! Well Savannah had a blast with this scene and I’m sure you guys will enjoy it as well!



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